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Cincinnati Suzuki School at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center is the oldest Suzuki program in Cincinnati.

Our mission is to foster joyful music making and a high level of musical excellence in children ages 4 through high school, with the intention of developing creative, compassionate, and thoughtful people. The Cincinnati Suzuki School follows the core Suzuki Talent Education beliefs that all children have musical talent, education begins early and through listening, the parent plays a vital role in the learning process, and environment and nurture influence success.

The Cincinnati Suzuki School provides high quality instruction through the commitment and skill of our faculty and adherence to a unified curriculum of weekly private lessons, group classes, numerous solo and group performances, and musical outreaches benefiting the Greater Cincinnati community. Our students come from all over the region (including Indiana and Kentucky), and we offer group classes and orchestras at all playing levels: from Pre-Twinklers to Beyond Books.

Your child will be placed in a Suzuki section after consultation with Center faculty.

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