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Cosse (co-say) means "pod" in French. Cosse Learning is a solution The Center is excited to offer families choosing remote education during the pandemic.  Students will participate at The Center with structured activities, such as Music, Art, Proctor and Energy. Designated locations are assigned for activities which include proctored time for their remote school lessons, as well as daily music, art, and energy pursuits. All classes will be taught by The Center’s current staff of qualified teachers and partner organizations, such as other non profits in the Region.

Lessons will take place over 17 weeks, starting August 19 through December 18.  The Center will follow the school holiday schedule.

Cost is $350 per week.  A Semester commitment is required.

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The Hybrid Model will be divided into two Pods.  You can choose the option that works best for you.

Pod 2 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Pod 3 - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Cost is $225 per week.  Semester reservations encouraged.  Lessons will take place over 16 weeks, starting August 24 through December 18.

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Home School Options

Are you home schooling your children and looking for Music and Art credits?  Please join in our partner activities.  Spend an hour with WordPlay, the Cincinnati Opera or the Cincinnati Symphony or the many others that will be coming to The Center.  

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What is Cosse Learning?

Cosse (co-say) in French means “pod”. The Center has created a pod learning environment for children between the ages Kindergarten through Eighth grade (K-8). The Center has created three types of experiences.

Cherry - A pod for students at The Center Monday through Friday

Berry - A pod for students at The Center Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Kale - A pod for students at The Center Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Why did you create this?

Julie Collinsworth is a Mom, a University Adjunct Faculty member and the Executive Director of the Wyoming Fine Arts Center. As she was listening to different scenarios of sending children back to school, she realized that this is a no win situation for all parties, and thought The Center might be able to provide a safe environment for children who need a place to go for socialization, music and art education as the community battles all the pandemic challenges.

How can you do this?

The Center has been working closely with the Hamilton County Health Department and has followed the requirements that were described for the pandemic child care model. Groups will not have more than 10 people. The Center’s model is 9 children to one teacher.

Is this program following your non profit mission?

The Wyoming Fine Arts Center’s mission is to foster appreciation and skills in the arts for children and adults of all ages, and to provide opportunities for teaching of persons interested in the arts.

The Center will continue to have programming both in person and remotely for persons of all ages and abilities. The Cosse Learning Program allows The Center to expand the engagement with the community in these days of the pandemic crisis.

If your student is already enrolled in a music or arts program, those classes will continue as designed by the faculty member which your student is receiving instruction.

Are you following the Wyoming School Model?

No, The Center is not following the Wyoming School District Model. The Center has created an alternative model to education strictly to help families in need for the COVID-19 management of their family schedules. This model is not a substitute for education, but to provide a safe environment for kids to do the remote learning that is required of the local school districts.

The Center is providing music, arts and energy education with time for students to access their Canvas account and do school work throughout the day. The Center calls that time Proctoring.

Do you have a Hybrid solution for children with split weeks?

The Center does have a Hybrid solution and registration is available. The Center reserved two pods for Hybrid students. Pod 2 will meet on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Pod 3 will meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday.

How much does the Cosse Learning Program cost?

The Full Time Cosse Learning Program is $350.00 for five days a week of programming/education. Full Time students are also provided priority enrollment in the No School! Let's Art Program on school holidays.

The Hybrid Cosse cost is based on three days per week of programming/education. The cost is $225 per student per week. An $800 deposit will guarantee you a spot for the whole 16 week semester. No need to worry if Hamilton County switches back and forth because your spot is saved. $50 of the deposit will be applied to each week you are here, so your weekly cost will be $175, and your card will be automatically charged. If there is any deposit left at the end of the semester, it will either be used as a credit toward future programming at The Center, or will be refunded.

If your school system does not go on a Hybrid Schedule, then your deposit can be used for other programming at The Center.

Are you offering refunds if you are not able to have people in the building?

According to the Hamilton County Public Health Department, no one is quite sure how Level 4 (Purple) will be regulated by the State of Ohio. If The Center is unable to provide programming onsite, then The Center will provide a refund for those missed weeks. You may also keep the amount on file for future programming. You can also donate any unused funds since The Wyoming Fine Arts Center is a 501(c)3 non profit. The Center will honor your preferred method.

How many children can you have in the Cosse Program?

The Center is following the pandemic childcare model, which is no more than 10 people in a group. That would be 9 students and 1 teacher. The Center currently has availability for 3 pods which is 27 students.

Is the building large enough to accommodate this type of activity?

The Center has 14,834 square feet. If you have been at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, you may have been in the Paul Bartel Ballroom, the Masonic Lodge or the Art Studio and Lobby for a class, lesson or event. Each of these rooms have a large capacity.

Under normal circumstances, the occupancy of those rooms are:

Paul Bartel Ballroom occupancy is 480 people
The Masonic Lodge occupancy is 460 people
The Art Room occupancy is 55 people
The Art Room Lobby occupancy is 55 people

The Center’s total occupancy load is 1,261 people.

What is Proctoring?

Proctoring is time set aside for children to access their Canvas account. If your student is between 6th - 8th grade, they may be required to sit in front of their computers all day. If this is how The Center can best support your family, please let us know for a lower cost option. Contact The Center directly at 513.948.1900 or via email at

What type of Music experiences will you be providing?

The Center has over 40 music faculty teachers and have collaborated with many of the Artswave organizations in the Region. The team is still creating programming, but if you have participated in summer camp programs, The Center’s offering will have a similar approach.

What type of Art classes will you be providing?

The Center has 4 art faculty teachers and has collaborated with many of the Artswave organizations in the Region. The team is still creating programming, but if you have participated in summer camp programs, The Center’s offering will have a similar approach.

Why does it cost so much?

The cost is designed to support The Center’s faculty and allow The Center to partner with other arts organizations in the Region, and pay artists a fair living wage. The cost will be supporting other non profit organizations in the area that are not able to provide programming or do performances due to restrictions on group activities.

Your weekly tuition will support many other programs who are struggling to find outlets for their artists.

Why are you asking for a semester commitment?

By agreeing to a semester commitment, this allows for the best programming The Center can create for your child. It also allows us to plan with area non profits who will be partnering with The Center for this program.

What happens if Hamilton County moves to Level 4 (purple)?

To be honest, we do not know. What The Center can tell you, is that if we are unable to provide programming onsite during this time, students enrolled in the semester program will not be charged for the time on-site option is not available.

What does the Public Health Department say about Level 4?

The Center’s understanding is that the Public Health Department is not quite sure what Level 4 would mean either, since no county in Ohio has gone to that level. The Center has presented all of our programming and concepts to the Public Health Department for guidance, feedback and best approaches.

Is your program going to have homework?

No, The Center’s faculty will not be providing homework activities. All homework assignments will be from the students' school in which they are enrolled.

Are you helping my child with their homework?

No, The Center is not providing support for homework, however our team has made arrangements to have a math tutor available 4 times a week for no added cost to you.

Then what are you providing as it relates to school work?

The Center is providing a safe environment for students to access their canvas accounts, complete class and homework assignments.

Do you have tutors available?

All of The Center’s faculty are college educated, with many holding masters and doctorate degrees. Faculty may provide additional support, but this is not their primary responsibility. The Center has partnered with a University Professor to tutor math that would be available on a limited basis via remote conferencing. If other tutors may be needed, The Center will work to accommodate those requests.

Do you have a nurse on staff?

The Center has identified a registered nurse in the community who has offered to provide on call services as needed.

Do you have any staff trained on child abuse and prevention?

Yes, The Center has a staff member trained and certified in Virtus and OCCRRA. Please contact The Center for more information.

What happens if my child doesn’t have school?

The Center has a fun art class, No School, Let’s Art! Families that participate in the full time option will have their child automatically enrolled in this program if you want to participate. Those students in the Hybrid Model will need to sign up for the program separately.

My child has a test to take. Do you have quiet space available?

Yes, The Center has identified several spaces in the building that will be used for testing purposes only. Students can choose to use a private studio space or stay in the Masonic Lodge for test taking, depending on their comfort level.

Do I have to live in Wyoming to participate? Do my children need to go to Wyoming Schools?

Great question! No, you do not need to live in Wyoming or have children that go to the Wyoming Schools. Cosse is open to all K-8th grade students in the region no matter what school the child attends. However, The Center does follow the Wyoming School District calendar for breaks and holidays.