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About Our Program

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Getting Started in Suzuki

CSS is a Suzuki music school offering a comprehensive education for violin, viola and cello students. Our program fosters an exciting and fun learning community for children and their families! Our students attend both private and group lessons each week, along with their practice parent, and participate in regular performance opportunities including solo recitals and large group concerts. Our students can be seen performing throughout Cincinnati at various community venues, including events at Music Hall, Coney Island, the Cincinnati Art Museum, Union Terminal, neighborhood festivals, and nursing homes.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are held every week with a Cincinnati Suzuki School faculty member at one of our two convenient locations (either CCM Prep or the Wyoming Fine Arts Center). Scheduling is coordinated between both the teacher's and family's availability. Parents and students attend each lesson together. Dr. Suzuki believed that the parent is the most important teacher for the child: together the parent, teacher, and child create the "Suzuki Triangle," meaning that each participant in the triangle is equally important and responsible for the learning process. In each lesson, the teacher works with the child so as to educate the parents on what to do with the child at home during the daily practice sessions. The parent is responsible for taking notes in the lesson and for facilitating home practice each day.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are an integral part of our program and the Suzuki method. Playing with others is very motivating and one of the greatest joys of music! Students come to group lessons excited to see one another and play together. Parents find it helpful to gather and share ideas with other Suzuki parents.

Group lessons provide an opportunity to learn how to behave in a group setting, how to watch and follow a leader, how to play with other musicians, how to rehearse and perform with others; it's a chance to practice old skills and learn new techniques and musical ideas. Playing together provides motivation for individual practice and an opportunity for creative musical discovery and expression. The benefits are endless.

Group lessons are divided into levels and meet on either Monday or Thursday evenings (as assigned). All group lessons take place at our location at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center.

Weekly group lessons for students at the beginning levels consist of both a Repertoire class (playing the instrument) and a Music and Movement or Theory class.

Weekly group lessons for intermediate and advanced students consist of a Repertoire class (playing the instrument) and an Orchestra class.

Role of the Parent

At least one parent (the same parent each time) attends the private lessons with their child and serves as the home "practice parent." The same parent or another adult is also responsible for attending the group lesson with their child each week. The practice parent is responsible for taking detailed notes in the private lesson, keeping track of assignments, and facilitating home practice each day. The parent also ensures that the child listens every day to the Suzuki CD, as this is a very important part of practice.

The Suzuki parent will learn the basics of the violin with their child and does not need to know anything about music prior to enrollment. A willingness to learn and the time to dedicate to practicing everyday are the only requirements for the program. The secret to success is the work between the parent, teacher, and child.

Daily Commitment

The beginning student will be expected to practice directly with their parent for approximately 30 minutes a day. By the second year of study, the daily amount of practice will increase as the student progresses.

All students are expected to demonstrate a full commitment to their studies through daily home practice, listening to the CD, and participation in group lessons, and other CSS events such as group concerts, recitals, and outreaches.

Is the Cincinnati Suzuki School a good fit for you?
  • Are you excited about the musical journey and opportunities the CSS offers for you and your child?
  • Are you/are you willing to become disciplined and organized enough in your home schedule to allow for 30 minutes initially (possibly in 2 or 3 short practices) and later increasing the daily practice time with your child as they advance?
  • Will your child be able to work co-operatively in group class?
  • Will you create a rich musical environment by playing the Suzuki CD and other classical music daily at home or in the car? If you answered yes to the above, then we will make a good partnership together to support your child's development and musical growth! Learn how to apply here.

About Suzuki Education

Getting Started in Suzuki