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Why Musical Theater?

Musical Theater Class at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center

From the pen of Nancy Huey – Musical Theater Instructor:

Why should your child do theater:

They’ll walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.  They’ll walk ten.  They’ll walk a hundred.  When a child reads a character, they’re forced to think, why would he have made that choice?  What’s he trying to get from the person he’s talking to?  How could he have done it differently?  Empathy is one of the top personality skills (yes, skills) necessary for strong corporate leadership  later on, and theatre training is even used to ready doctors’ bedside manner.  In Lauren Gunderson’s Huffington Post blog , How Theatre for Young People Could Change the World, she says that “so much of the toxicity in this world comes from a collective draining of empathy. We don’t understand each other, and we don’t want to. But theater invites us — no, forces us — to empathize.”  This practice lays the foundation for strength and compassion.

Theatre doesn’t tell you what to feel.   Art is based in personal experience.  Playing a role, designing a set, seeing a production, I might not see the same images or feel the same impulses as you.  And that’s how it’s meant to work.  It opens up pathways for all participants to explore their own emotions and views.  Involving your kids in art makes them free to think, free to feel, and free to explore who they want to become.

Theatre is great exposure to literature and history.  After seeing, or acting in, a production of Just So Stories, a student may want to Continue reading “Why Musical Theater?” »

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